verifier chops last char of goal when printing


The output of the verifier is this:
Could not verify all goals. The furthest we reached was:

devtools/codeindex/indexers/scala/testdata/verified/refs.scala:4:6-4:34  VariableX.node/kind variabl

But the input in this:

class refs {

//- @x defines/binding VariableX
//- VariableX.node/kind variable 
var x = 3
def func1(): Int = {


I expect the output to have an 'e' at the end of variable.
Note that adding whitespace at the end of the line doesn't help.

Also Its really not clear if "reached" means 'satisifed' here. i.e. was the goal met?

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What's the status of this?

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Bulk reassignment prior to migration, feel free to give to someone else.

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