Write an informal survey/overview for the Kythe schema


The current schema document is primarily a reference manual for the naming conventions, facts, and edges defined by the Kythe graph. For authors of new indexers, it would be helpful to have an informal survey/orientation document for the schema. Some topics I think would be useful to gather together include:

  • Naming conventions (tickets and VNames, how to ensure uniqueness using examples like files, anchors, built-in types).
  • How Kythe maps a graph of nodes and edges to entry tuples (node = facts, edge = nodes + label).
  • A high-level tour of some of the common graph structures: File info, definition/usage cross-reference, call-graph, maybe a simple type structure.

It's an open question whether this should be part of the existing schema, or a separate document. The reference component of the schema should remain the source of truth, but an informal survey would I think help people figure out which pieces of the schema they need to care about—and why.

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Luke's blog posts from last year are probably a good source of input here, too: Indexing JavaScript with Flow and Part 2 of the same. Some of the info in those posts may be slightly stale, but I think the essentials are still true.

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