[feature request] verifier - allow comments


It would be nice if I could add comments to #- (or //-) comments.


#- @"C1(10, y=20" ref/call vname("C0.__init__", "corpus", "", "", "python")  // C0 because of MRO
#- // This is a comment-only line.
zzz = C1(10, y=20)
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You can probably close this ...

I've figured out that there's minimal need to clutter up my sources with verifier comments -- only the @"..." stuff needs to be next to the source lines and everything else can be elsewhere, even if in a separate file -- so the ordinary comments do just fine.

In my example, I could do:

#- Anchor_C1_call=@"C1(10, y=20)" childof ThisFile
#- // This is a comment-only line.
zzz = C1(10, y=20)

# C0 because of MRO:
#- Anchor_C1_cal ref/call vname("C0.__init__", "corpus", "", "", "python")
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Closing per @pludemann's comment.

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