Schema for "name" should have a .node/kind


I think that this should have an additional line:

​Cdecl.node/kind name

It would also be nice if the example also gave Cname=vname(...), even if it's C++ specific.
(A Java example could be added if clarification is needed)

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The example at does not have a name node; it has a defines/binding and a named edge.

Please clarify how name should be used (as opposed to, for example, variable) and explain why there's a link to

Also, I don't understand the description: "A name identifies zero or more nodes." (do you mean that named can be applied to link multiple nodes to the same name?)

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There's more discussion here, which should probably get added to the Schema documentation:!msg/kythe/N_18ReHJPfA/mXWsM3P6BgAJ

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