bazel build //tools/cpp:darwin_files fails
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Observed by following the instructions here:

$ bazel build ...
ERROR: missing input file '
ERROR: [...]kythe/tools/cpp/BUILD:102:1: tools/cpp:darwin_files: missing input file 'tools/cpp:clang_wrapper_is_not_clang'.


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I *think* the issue from the subject is fixed, but build ... is still broken because of T187.

salguarnieri assigned this task to craigbarber.Via WebDec 5 2016, 11:10 AM

This shouldn't require anything beyond what is already required for T187.

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@craigbarber, can this also be closed now?

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bazel build //...:all works on OS X now. I didn't check to see if any troublesome targets are tagged with manual though.

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