Build broken because of missing dep for objective c
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This happens when trying to run some tests during our presubmit. I'm guessing it is due to the new bazel release.

Bazel query error (7): ____Loading package: @bazel_tools//tools/objc
ERROR: /usr/local/google/home/salguarnieri/Groksrc/kythe/kythe/cxx/extractor/testdata/BUILD:232:1: every rule of type objc_library implicitly depends upon the target '//tools/objc:header_scanner', but this target could not be found because of: no such package 'tools/objc': BUILD file not found on package path.
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This seems like a possible Bazel version problem...

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This happens during the bazel query that executes as part of arc diff.

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The workaround is to use bazel 0.4.4 until we understand what is going on and fix it.

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I can reproduce this with the following command

bazel query 'rdeps(//..., set("//kythe/java/com/google/devtools/kythe/platform/"))'
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Our presubmit should work now after D1441. I filed to get Bazel to roll a proper fix.

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