C++ indexer emits nodes without /kythe/node/kind facts

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The following command displays no output because both kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#bool%23builtin and kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#int%23builtin are nodes without any facts (including /kythe/node/kind).

./campfire run //kythe/go/serving/tools:kythe node kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#bool%23builtin kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#int%23builtin

However, these nodes do have edges:

./campfire run //kythe/go/serving/tools:kythe edges --count_only kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#bool%23builtin
./campfire run //kythe/go/serving/tools:kythe edges --count_only kythe:?lang=c%2B%2B#int%23builtin
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This is WAI; we should solve it by either prepopulating the database or by offering some way to ask the indexer to emit facts about builtins.

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Why can't the indexer just emit '/kythe/node/kind' == 'tbuiltin' facts for each of those nodes?

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