Support anonymous unions and structs in C++ code.


Testcase for GNU anonymous struct extension:

union U {
  struct {
    //- @field defines/binding StructField
    int field;
  //- @field ref StructField
  static_assert(&U::field != nullptr, "");

Similar with s/struct/union for standard anonymous unions, which should also be tested in other kinds of scopes (e.g., in function scope).

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One possible patch for


< const NamedDecl *const TargetDecl = FoundDecl;

const NamedDecl *TargetDecl = FoundDecl;
if (const auto* IFD = dyn_cast<clang::IndirectFieldDecl>(FoundDecl)) {
  // An IndirectFieldDecl is just an alias; we want to record this as a
  // reference to the underlying entity.
  // TODO(jdennett): Would this be better done in BuildNodeIdForDecl?
  TargetDecl = IFD->getAnonField();
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Patch D617 was committed as rK412c6703723c: "C++ Indexer: Support anonymous structs, a GNU extension."

Tests for anonymous unions are a work in progress.

See also T79, "Capture named edges implied by IndirectFieldDecls for fields of anonymous records."

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